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Sales Skills: Basic through Advanced
Code: SSBA
Duration: 2 Day
$1395 USD


This 2-day dynamic instructor-led Sales Skills: Basic Through Advanced Training course gives learners an opportunity to take an active role in their learning with self-reflection and measurement, and then shifts the focus to the buyer with an exploration of customer-focused selling and decision-making patterns, and then provides action strategies and planning.

In the Sales Skills Basic Through Advanced Training course, you will also learn how to build relationships with clients, and identify and satisfy their needs. Next, you'll use sales strategies to analyze the market and your competitors, and research your clients. You will also develop a winning strategy and solutions for your clients. Finally, you will finalize a sale by demonstrating the benefits of your product or service to your clients, confirm the client's commitment, and close the sale and follow up with the client.


This course is available in the following formats:

Virtual Classroom

Duration: 2 Day


Delivery Format: Virtual Classroom
Date: May 08 2024 - May 09 2024 | 10:00 - 16:00 EST
Location: Online
Course Length: 2 Day

$ 1395

  • Discover how customers make decisions and describe the steps in the sales process
  • Understand the importance of preparation, market and your competitors, and research your clients. Additionally, you will develop a winning strategy and solutions for your clients.
  • Learn an effective framework for opening face-to-face sales calls
  • Discover the traits and characteristics that improve success rate
  • Understand the importance of building rapport
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles and resistance to change
  • Build relationships with customers, demonstrate the customer’s need, and satisfy the customer’s need.
  • Gain Customer Commitment
  • Develop sales strategies, analyze markets and competitors, and research clients.
  • Consult with clients and develop solutions.
  • Demonstrate benefits, confirm commitment, and close sales.

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Sales Fundamentals

  • The Sales Process
  • Elements of Selling
  • Understanding Sales Terms

Your Professional Self

  • Developing Your Character
  • Managing Yourself

Handling Clients

  • Finding Your Clients
  • Connecting With Your Clients
  • Finding Solutions

The Sales Presentation

  • Anticipating Objections
  • Creating a Sales Presentation
  • Responding to Objections

Gaining Customer Commitment

  • Building Relationships
  • Demonstrating the Need
  • Satisfying the Need

Studying the Market

  • Sales Strategies
  • Analyzing Markets and Competitors
  • Researching Clients

Developing a Winning Strategy

  • Consulting With Clients
  • Developing Solutions

Effectively Closing a Sale

  • Demonstrating the Benefits
  • Confirming Commitment
  • Closing the Sale and Following Up

Will Be Updated Soon!
Will Be Updated Soon!
  • Business to business salespeople
  • Salespeople who have had no formal training on the subject before
  • Salespeople who need a refresher and need to get “back to basics” and refocus their time and effort
  • New salespeople
  • Client relationship managers
  • Account managers
  • Field salespeople
  • Business development managers
  • Commercial managers