Cisco Certification

Whether they are looking to enter the field of information technology for the first time or hoping to sharpen their existing skills and increase their level of experience, a number of professionals can benefit from a Cisco certification.

This networking giant is one of the world's premier providers of consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications products. As a result, those who receive certification to work with and manage Cisco solutions and software may be able to gain an edge on the competition in their industry.

However, obtaining Cisco certification can be a challenge unto itself. Since 1996, the computer instructors at Alliance Micro Solutions have taught a bevy of courses that prepare students for accreditation in a wide range of Cisco technologies and services.

The benefits of Cisco certification

Plenty of professionals around the world make use of Cisco technology every day, but many might not realize the advantages of receiving Cisco certification. Put simply, individuals who master this technology could position themselves for greater success within their industry.

Employers in a number of sectors desire workers with the credentials to handle and manage Cisco technology. In fact, the company's own research found that hiring managers typically learn toward candidates who have this type of accreditation, and job applicants have found that their Cisco certification led to increased demand for their skills on the employment market.

Organizations also appreciate the value of Cisco certification when it comes to doing business. Research from the company reports many managers believe a staff of employees trained on this technology can increase their company's level of customer service and improve overall team performance. For those reasons, workers who enroll in Cisco computer training courses at Alliance Micro Solutions could position themselves for more job opportunities and better pay in their employment search.

The various paths individuals can take

Cisco offers a wide range of technologies and services and ,as a result, the number of certifications individuals can receive varies widely.

Generally, the company splits its certifications into seven paths: routing and switching, design, network security, service provider, storage networking, voice and wireless. Within each of these paths lie countless specialties and solutions to learn and understand.

Alliance Micro Solutions offers a vast selection of Cisco certification courses that cover all of these fields and the respective nuances within each. The degree of difficulty can vary from beginner to advanced, with specific classes available that cover topics like unified messaging, multilayer switched networks, wireless LAN administration, design and security. This ample collection of classes means individuals have a great number of opportunities to achieve Cisco certification through Alliance Micro Solutions, whether they do so online or in an on-site classroom.

The advantages of learning with Alliance Micro Solutions

Alliance Micro Solutions continues to provide industry-leading computer training and instruction, which has resulted in a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating. This is possible through top-rated trainers, each of whom is an expert in his or her respective field and has knowledge of technology trends and standards to help anyone achieve Cisco certification.

However, Alliance Micro Solutions offers more than just computer training in Cisco technology. The company's online schedule is packed with more than 4,000 courses covering a number of topic areas and fields. Alliance Micro Solutions has the courses and knowledge to help any individual achieve CompTIA, Adobe, Citrix or Oracle certification.

Additionally, the company's product experts can provide on-site service to organizations and institutions that require hands-on training and product solutions. Whatever their need, Alliance Micro Solutions has the tools and experience to deliver measurable results for individuals and organizations.

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