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Put your mind at ease, each time you contact and hire an AMS computer trainer to teach for your organization you will receive the highest quality computer product training delivered by Industry and Product Experts. Our trainers are industry and product experts that have mastered the use of each product in the field and enjoy teaching others how extract the maximum benefit from OEM product use at each students organization, big or small. Students learn from Industry experts with hands on product experience in multiple hardware and software environments and will benefit in the following ways.

Benefits of AMS Trainers

  • The industries highest quality Computer Product Trainers for more than 4,000+ product titles
  • AMS Trainers maintain OEM Certifications to ensure Manufacturer Competency
  • AMS Trainers maintain product certifications to ensure mastery of each manufacturer product
  • AMS Trainers maintain advanced degrees to ensure competency with all student audiences
  • AMS Trainers are recognized industry authors and consultants that incorporate into their practice time to teach because they love to help others
  • AMS Trainers are committed to the highest standards, and achieve customer satisfaction scores that are well above all industry
  • Receive the highest return from your Trainer purchase by receiving high customer satisfaction ratings that bring your clients back for more services

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