Computer Instructors

Individuals who wish to develop a knowledge of new tools or technologies or who require training to receive professional certification can benefit from the expertise of certified computer instructors. The same is true for organizations or businesses that wish to train or educate an entire group or division of employees in a structured environment.

The world of computer training changes frequently, which means that these parties must be able to rely on computer instructors that are up to date on the latest products and technological solutions. And for many individuals, there's a need to obtain this training around hectic work and personal schedules.

Since 1996, Alliance Micro Solutions has established a reputation as a leading provider of qualified and experienced computer instructors for a range of consumer and professional products and solutions. Alliance Micro Solutions can help professionals and organizations receive the high-quality computer training they need, whether it be in a classroom environment or in the comfort of their own homes.

Trainers who are skilled experts in their respective fields

Individuals or businesses that contact Alliance Micro Solutions for computer training can trust that the professional they're being taught by is an accomplished and respected specialist in their field. AMS trainers have earned a wide range of accreditation, and their experience can help students receive the knowledge they need to achieve what they desire, whether it be Citrix, SAP or Cisco certification.

With advanced degrees in their field and certifications as trainers and product experts from the original equipment manufacturer, the computer instructors at Alliance Micro Solutions have an in-depth understanding of more than 4,000 products in a number of sectors and industries as well as a mastery of technology trends.

In addition, Alliance Micro Solutions' computer instructors have the skills and sensibilities to provide effective computer training for all student levels, from beginner to advanced. Individual students can trust these computer instructors to preside over informative sessions while organizations may call on product support experts to help them get the most out of their technology.

Services that are available online and on-site

Aside from its high-quality computer instructors, AMS can also provide a myriad of options for students who wish to enroll in its classes. Those who prefer to learn at home or in the office can take a look at the comprehensive online schedule, which offers a wide selection of courses available via live conference each weekday.

Relevant class materials and an audio headset are shipped to each student ahead of time. That type the convenient course environment allows them to gain the knowledge they need to achieve CIW, CompTia or Oracle certification with ease.

In addition, students and businesses have the option to enroll in an on-site course in select cities and states, or they can hire an on-site computer instructor for even more personal attention.

Customer satisfaction and support that leads the industry

With a breadth of course offerings, a collection of highly-trained and qualified computer instructors and a number of convenient class options, it's no wonder why Alliance Micro Solutions enjoys one of the industry's top customer satisfaction ratings - 98 percent.

Individuals and businesses alike have benefited from receiving computer training from Alliance Micro Solutions instructors. Whether it's an XML or Microsoft certified instructor, these professionals understand the products and services they are teaching and are able to impart on students the knowledge they require to achieve success or certification.

While the technological world changes frequently, students can stay on top of its latest advancements and developments with professional training from Alliance Micro Solutions.

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