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Vendor Name: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Course Name Course Code
Artificial Intelligence Implementation Boot Camp AIBC
Splunk Boot Camp SPLUNKBC
Python for Network Automation PythonNWKAuto
Python for Data Science Primer TTPS4872
JumpStart to Python for Data Science TTPS4873
Applied Python for Data Science & Engineering TTPS4874
Next Level Python for Data Science | Working with Libraries, Frameworks, and Visualization Tools TTPS4876
Machine Learning Essentials with Python (TTML5506-P) TTML5506-P
Working with TensorFlow TTML6802
Introduction to Writing SQL Queries (TTSQL003) TTSQL003
Next Level SQL | Intermediate to Advanced SQL Programming (TTSQL005) TTSQL005
Hadoop Developer Foundations TTDS6509
Working with Apache Kafka TTDSKFKA2
Working with Cassandra (TTDS6776) TTDS6776
QuickStart to Power BI for Analysts and Users TTPBIQS2
Next Level Power BI for Experienced Users TTPBINXT2
Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Deep Learning TTML5903
Tableau Visual Analytics Intermediate (TTDTAB020) TTDTAB020
Tableau Web Authoring Essentials (TTDTAB003) TTDTAB003
Introduction to Linux TTLX2103
Robotic Process Automation TTML6903
Build Chatbots! Chatbots and Conversational UI Development with Neural Networks (TTAML0010) TTAML0010
Building Recommendation Systems with Python (TTAML0002) TTAML0002
Building Intelligent Web Applications TTAML0001
Introduction to GitLab TTGITLAB2
Introduction to UNIX TTLX2105
Linux System Administration TTLX2200
Intermediate Linux TTLX2104
Data Analysis Boot Camp DA Boot Camp
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Overview for the Enterprise | Hands-on TTML5502
Analyzing and Visualizing Data in Looker GCP-AVDL
Developing Data Models with LookML Data model LookML
Introduction to Tableau | Tableau QuickStart (TTDTAB001) TTDTAB001
Advanced Tableau TTTABADV2
Data Science Overview | Technologies, Tools, and Roles in the Data-Driven Enterprise TTDS6000
Communicating for Clarity GCCE100
Introduction to R | R Programming JumpStart TTDS6680