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Vendor Name: ServiceNow

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Course Name Course Code
ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals SN Funds
Application Development Fundamentals SN APP DEV FUNDS
Customer Service Management (CSM) Fundamentals SN CSM Funds
Customer Service Management (CSM) Implementation SN CSM Imp
Field Service Management (FSM) Fundamentals SN FSM Funds
Field Service Management (FSM) Implementation SN FSM Imp
Cloud Provisioning and Governance Fundamentals CPG Funds
Cloud Provisioning and Governance Advanced CPG Adv
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Fundamentals CMDB Funds
Discovery Fundamentals Disc Funds
Event Management Fundamentals EM Funds
Hardware Asset Management (HAM) Fundamentals HAM Funds
Human Resources (HR) Fundamentals SN HR Funds
Human Resources (HR) Implementation SN HR Impl
IT Service Managemet (ITSM) Fundamentals ITSM Funds
IT Service Managemet (ITSM) Implementation ITSM Impl
Performance Analytics (PA) Fundamentals PA Funds
Performance Analytics (PA) Advanced PA Adv
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Fundamentals PPM Funds
GRC: Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Implementation Risk Comp Impl
Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals Script Funds
Security Incident Response (SIR) Implementation SIR Implementatio
Security Operations (SecOps) Fundamentals Secops Funds
Service Mapping Fundamentals SM Funds
Service Mapping Implementation SM Impl
Service Portal Fundamentals SP Funds
Service Portal Advanced SP Adv
ServiceNow Platform Implementation SN Platform Impl
Software Asset Management (SAM) Fundamentals SAM Funds
ServiceNow Administrator Advanced Sys Admin Adv
Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Implementation VRM Impl
Vulnerability Response Implementation VR Impl
Adopting a Platform Owner Mindset Adopt Plat Mind